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We manufacture coalescing filters for any industrial application.

Coalescing FiltersAllied Groups' coalescing filter is designed for all compressed air, natural gas, refrigeration, CNG/NGV (compressed natural gas/natural gas vehicles) and Air/Oil filter applications. Our coalescing filter can be designed with oil mist removal efficiencies up to 99.9999% with working pressures to over 5000 PSI.

Coalescing is the separation of liquid aerosols and  droplets from a gas. Using a coalescing filter element  installed in a housing with three ports the wet gas  sample passes though element inside to outside. The inner capture layer is a high efficiency coalescing layer and the outer is a coarser drainage layer.
The fine fibres of the inner layer capture the fine liquid aerosols and droplets and they run together along the fibres to form large drops within the depth of the element. These large drops are then forced  to the outside of the filter element and then drain to the bowl of the housing by gravity. Coalescing filter elements will also remove particulates at the same efficiency as particulate type elements of the same grade.

Our capabilities range from filters as small as 0.18” inside diameter to over 22” outside diameter. We have custom designed our coalescing filters for many applications and have extensive tooling to satisfy applications that require standard filter sizes. We can cross reference filters made by Parker, Balston, Bendix, Microbon and many other manufacturers.

Our natural gas filters are manufactured for all car, truck and bus applications. We design our filters to protect vital components from oil mist build-up and fouling. We have been supplying coalescing filters for alternative fuel applications for the last 10 years. Our filters have been tried and true for most any demanding compressed gas filter application.

Our coalescing filters are manufactured for all compressed air applications and in-line filter applications, to remove oil mist from the compressors that introduce oil vapor into the gas stream.

Allied Group's coalescing filters are constructed of three layers. The inner and outer layer act as built-in pre-filters, depending on an outside to inside flow or inside to outside flow. These are also the drain and support layers. The middle layer - "binder free" borosilicate microglass - is the coalescing portion of the filter. Pre-filtering removes dirt particles prior to coalescing thereby increasing filter life.

In most applications, our built-in pre-filter will eliminate the need for a separate pre-filter.

 Coalescing FiltersInner and outer layers are made of rayon fibers, impregnated with phenolic resin (see Figure 1). Situated between these layers is the coalescing layer (borosilicate microglass). Efficiencies range from 93% to 99.9999% at the 0.3 micron range. The pre-filter can be constructed with microns from 1 to 75. We will custom design for new applications or cross reference competitive filters for existing applications.

Coalescing Filters are used in many applications, including, but not limited to:
Natural Gas Vehicle Filtration (NGV)
Compressed Air Filtration
Compressed Natural Gas Filtration (CNG Filtration)
Mist Elimination
Aerosol Removal
Air Oil Separation

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